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Sunday’s Lambs

Time for Sunday visitors. The lambs enjoyed their first outing into the yard surrounding my studio this morning. The bottle lambs followed me in the front door and stormed right into the kitchen demanding lunch.  Fun!        Hope you're enjoying this lovely weekend. copyright 2010. Barbara Parry. All rights reserved. Feel free to share a link to this website. Please do not take content or images from this website without my explicit written permission. Thank you.  
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Bottle lambs, from left to right: Mistral, Garamond, Georgia   There's no asking three ravenous bottle lambs to take turns, so I approach each feeding equipped with  three bottles. Which makes this little trio very happy. A little tricky getting started, though, as they're all lunging at once for the nipples. I end up dropping a bottle or squirting milk all over their faces. It's time to cut back on the amount of each feeding to encourage them to explore other dining options. I just today purchased another 50 lb. bag of powdered lamb milk replacement and that stuff is
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