Bottle lambs II
Bottle lambs, from left to right:

Mistral, Garamond, Georgia

Bottle lambs 

There's no asking three ravenous bottle lambs to take turns, so I approach each feeding equipped with  three bottles. Which makes this little trio very happy. A little tricky getting started, though, as they're all lunging at once for the nipples. I end up dropping a bottle or squirting milk all over their faces. It's time to cut back on the amount of each feeding to encourage them to explore other dining options. I just today purchased another 50 lb. bag of powdered lamb milk replacement and that stuff is expensive. I love feeding lambs by bottle but the sticky mess of mixing lamb milkshakes in the blender is getting tiresome. 

I'm gladdened to see that Mistral has connected with Verbena's triplets and has found her own foster family within the barn. It's so funny when she and Helena pass each other – they have not a clue that they are related. Mistral's brother, Matisse, is thriving as a single lamb.

I've been busy all morning moving adult sheep onto pasture, so the lambs' outing into the garden will wait until tomorrow, weather permitting. I'll be sure to post pics.

Isn't today's weather grand?

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