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Gypsy gets a vet check and new friends

Gypsy gets a vet check and new friends The vet was running late. It was a shivery 45 minute wait in the barn Monday afternoon. Thirteen degrees, wind chasing snow ghosts across the field. While I crouched and rubbed my hands together between my knees, Gypsy enjoyed my new down coat. We had to put her in a holding pen prior to Doc’s arrival. Catching her – not so easy. We used panels to corral her in a corner. But when I approached to hold her, the poor kid trembled so hard, I thought she was going to fall over.
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Our Goat was Kidnapped!

Our Goat Was Kidnapped! If Gypsy, our dear Angora doe, could speak she’d have a heck of a tale to tell about the last 72 hours. First of all, Gyspy is okay. She was returned to the farm yesterday by two of the three people who had stolen her from our farm on Thursday night. Now, let me back up a bit. I had to be in Connecticut all day on Friday. Mid morning I received a call from my husband Mike. He and our farm assistant, discovered upon arriving for morning chores, our flock was minus one goat. Gypsy
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