Gypsy gets a vet check and new friends

Gypsy gets a vet check and new friends

The vet was running late. It was a shivery 45 minute wait in the barn Monday afternoon. Thirteen degrees, wind chasing snow ghosts across the field. While I crouched and rubbed my hands together between my knees, Gypsy enjoyed my new down coat.

We had to put her in a holding pen prior to Doc’s arrival. Catching her – not so easy. We used panels to corral her in a corner. But when I approached to hold her, the poor kid trembled so hard, I thought she was going to fall over. Made her comfortable, gave her a treat in a small pen (above) but she was still shaking so badly, I wrapped her in my coat, tying the sleeves in a double knot round her chest. I couldn’t figure out if she was stressed or cold.

Doc gave her a thorough examination. No obvious signs of trouble, other than the involuntary trembling which he said was a sign of stress – not a sign of being cold. Beneath my down jacket, she has a beautiful mohair coat of her own. Her internal temperature was fine. The act of being caught again brought on the trembles. She was traumatized by being taken from her barn last week. It will take a while for her to recover. I suppose it’s like PTSD. Doc said the best thing for her was to keep her with her buddies and stick to business as usual. Although I think she rather enjoyed my down coat, we untied the sleeves and released from the catch pen. She was eager to rejoin her flock.

Thank you all for expressing your concern for her. I really appreciated your comments. She’s acting more herself each day, beginning to “help” Mike with morning chores, as usual. As for the three men who stole her – that matter is in the hands of the local police.

Ironically enough, several weeks before this incident, I had begun the process of searching for caprine companions for Gypsy. Goats prefer goats to sheep. And I could use more mohair.

And so, as soon as the weather softens, Gypsy will have new friends.

Meet Greta and Galloway.

Adorable. Gorgeous, colored mohair.

Kid Friendly

I can’t wait to bring them to the farm.

In the meantime, thanks for reading – and again for your support throughout the stress of last week.