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Fleece du Jour

Just a quick post today to share something special. Thought you might enjoy a look at these fleeces before I ship them out for processing. None of them came from my sheep. These were my  purchases from the fleece show at the Eastern States Expo in back in September (why I buy fleece, with 85 + sheep shorn here each year is a subject for another day).  I scored a lovely colored Border Leicester from Kristen Whittle of Little Brook Farm and two dark brown Romney fleeces from Mary Pratt of Elihu farm in NY (no website that I could
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Wind & Snow

For hours I've been watching this poor guy. He's trying remain upright in a strong wind in order to glean the millet and sunflower seeds that have blown onto the ground from the feeder which has been blowing sideways all morning. Hellacious wind all night and right through morning has caused some crazy drifitng. This bird, the only one I can see from my window today, must be very hungry indeed to spend many calories fighting for a meal. I'm reading Elizabeth Marshall Thomas' book, The Hidden Life of Deer which is making me think about wildlife's struggle for survival
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