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First Lambs Arrive!

Big day – our first lambs are on the ground! Java delivered a pretty pair of ewe lambs late this afternoon. Thanks, everyone for voting on a theme for naming this year's lambs. Since Wild Flowers received the most votes in our poll for naming the lambs, all lambs will be named for wild flowers this year. Aren't we lucky, we get to start with girls? Would you like to suggest names for our first lambs? Leave a comment here. And check back here to stay posted on our new arrivals..  
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Help Us Name Our Lambs

Note: The survey poll that was at the bottom of this post is not working.  To vote, leave your choice in the comments.  Thanks!Our lambs are coming soon! In this year of an earlier-than-usual spring, our lambs are arriving later than usual. We expect our first lamblings to debut near the end of April. We need to choose a theme for naming this year's lambs-to-be. Would you like to help?    Last year you voted for "Apple Names" and they were so cute – Pippin, Macintosh, Braeburn. In other years we've used Greek mythology, herbs & spices, U.S. towns, fashion
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