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Zoe Update

Mike and I thank you for your great puppy rehab ideas. Zoe appreciates your get well wishes. She's home now. We picked her up Thursday, just in time for a heap of snow. It's just what we needed to make her homecoming more interesting. She was pretty out of it in the car on the way home, poor little peanut!  We created a puppy hospital pen in the kitchen by moving out  the table and chairs. Zoe has the cozy breakfast nook all to herself. She spent lots of time sleeping in there during the first few days. She came
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Puppy Troubles

I have some sad news. Zoe has elbow dysplasia. Yesterday she had surgery at Veterinary Specialist of CT. We set out for Hartford in the morning. I rode in the back seat with her and knit while Mike drove. She napped and minded my yarn. (BTW, she loves when I knit; the soft click of needles and occasional tug at the yarn tell her exactly where I am and what I'm doing without her opening her eyes). Hartford is a long ride from Shelburne but our consult with our local canine ortho-expert, Dr. Benson (Veterinary Emergency & Speciality Hospital of South
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Wintering Rams

Following a snowless December, 2012 is off to a cold start. I don't mind the cold, nor do the sheep. Our rams and wethers are still in the paddock behind our house at the top of the hill (except for Chai and Cinder, who are down at the farm for breeding season). In most years, we've moved everyone down to the big barns by this time. This season, we're waiting for weather to force the issue. As soon as we hear snow in the forecast, it will be time to bring all sheep back to the farm for winter. In
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