Monthly Archives July 2011

New Little Sheep at the Big Farm

Today I'd like to introduce Ginger and Sassafras, our new Shetland lambs! We first met them three weeks ago at the National Sheep Show at the Eastern States Expo in West Springfield, MA. They were raised by the Ludlam family at Windswept Farms in Michigan who were showing sheep that weekend.   We did not go to the show with a sheep shopping list. We went with a very specific mission: to pick up new sheep handling equipment (super light-weight aluminum panels for pens and a sorting gate). There was no plan to pick up more sheep. So why did we buy
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Departures and New Beginnings

The past month has been an unplanned hiatus and respite for us. We lost two beloved members of our family and farm, Daphne and Butch. Our 15.5 y.o. retriever, Daphne, was our first English Golden. While she maintained a strong spirit right up until the end, her health has been sliding for months. We think losing her pal and half sister Mishka at Christmas last year was really hard on her. Although we thought we were prepared for when this moment would come, we have been a mess, to be honest with you! Losing our three girls within a 1
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