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Big Win at the Big E!

Exciting news on the wool front: our Cormo ram, Teaberry won the Champion Purebred Fleece Show at the Eastern States Exposition Fleece Competition on Friday! That's his fleece, the tall white one in the center. And it's a beauty!  Last Wednesday Holly and I delivered a carload of very special fleeces from this year's shearing to the exhibit hall at the Eastern States (a.k.a.  the Big E), the largest agricultural fair in the Northeast. This show, held every September in West Springfield, Massachusetts draws competition from all over the country. I reserve the best of our best to enter.  There's
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More Adventures in Yarn Farming

First of all, I want apologize to everyone who commented to my late August post about the end of summer. Due to some quirk in the new, "improved" Typepad, those comments never appeared (usually there's notice of new comments) and I didn't see them at all until posting yesterday. I remember wondering where everyone was at the time and thinking that all of you were enjoying a last vacation perhaps before sending the kids back to school or heading out for Labor Day. Reading your comments was a treat – and always is. I appreciate it when you take the
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September Scenes

Summer feels like it's evaporating as we edge toward the autumn equinox. Hay is happening, bit by bit, and the barns are now about half full of what we need to feed the flock this winter. The flock is now enjoying cool, dry grazing days.  Here's the scene at the top of the hill this afternoon, where my son Caleb and I found Caitlyn and her entourage enjoying the shade of the pines. Actually, when we arrived at the top of the hill, Caitlyn was in one of her favorite haunts on the leeward side of the shelter. She seemed
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