Monthly Archives March 2008

Winter Retrospective

Six inches of fresh snow on Friday.  Although the calendar says spring, clearly winter hasn’t released its hold on New England.   Ordinarily winter is a season I enjoy.  This year’s impressive (record-breaking) snowfall amounts dampened my enthusiasm, however.  While I hope we have seen the last snow of the season, I’m taking this chance to share some scenes and observations from earlier this winter. On days when the sheep were reluctant to leave the barn, feeding hay on fresh snow was one way to get them outside for some exercise.   Sheep love chasing a toboggan full of hay.  I was
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Shearing Day

It all starts here . . . Shearing day marks a new beginning at the farm each year.  On the heels of winter, our shearer Andy Rice arrives in the morning, clippers ready to relieve the sheep of the heavy fleeces they’ve been wearing all year long.  Ten to twelve pounds of wool covers the back of each animal and some can barely see through the wooly top knots that have grown down over their faces. A seasoned crew arrives to help.  The procession to the shearing barn is a bit like a parade, minus the floats, with our llama
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