Monthly Archives May 2007

High Ground

Yesterday we moved the lambs and mothers from the paddock near the barn to the high ground up the lane.  The ground closest to the barn needs a recharge after a period of grazing; the fields above are a virtual sea of grass and clover.  Last night they camped out along the stone wall that runs beneath the row of sugar maples.  My tour of the pasture this afternoon revealed  the lambsters happily ensconced, not showing any signs of missing the shelter of the barn. With the ewes grazing nearby, the lambs lounged in pools of shade.  It was cool,
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Sheep Couture

Today Holly and I played wardrobe mistresses to a group of young ladies due to lamb in a couple of weeks.   Due to increased girth at late gestation, the gals were beginning  to look like sausages waddling around the pasture.   Even though they will instantly shed pounds with lambing within a few weeks, we went ahead and up-sized. I’m often asked about the jackets.  Our sheep wear them to keep their wool clean.  The Cormo sheep (above center) have fine, dense fleeces.  Any contaminants such as seeds, hay,  grain pellets, barn-yard grit become deeply embedded in an uncoated fleece and
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