The Sweaters


Many of you have commented on "the sweaters"  worn by Nike’s lambs who were birthed early one cold, raw morning nearly two weeks ago.   A first-time mother, Nike was slow in cleaning up her newborn lambs.  In the cold of the barn, they quickly began losing body heat.  Seeing that they were too cold to nurse,I  finished towelling them off and slipped them into two "lamb sweaters"  I had  created last year  from the sleeves of the  sweater I was wearing at the time when two lambs born under similar conditions. 

Maybe patterns for handknit lamb sweaters will be future project.  It wouldn’t be too hard, just a sleeve with ribbing for the neck, a rolled hem, a couple of buttonholes in the right place for legs . . . maybe SOMEONE can help me figure out the details for cables and color work?

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the blog.  It’s really nice hearing from you all at a time when it’s very hard to get away from the barn for anything.   I’m really looking forward to seeing you all at spring shows and also our flock’s tenth anniversary celebration on June 16.  I have posted details on my events page at

Here are some scenes from this morning’s chores:


Lambs racing from the creep.


Close encounter with Memphis, Cormo ewe lamb.