The Naming Continues. . . .

I can't believe another week has flown by. Just a quick progress note on the naming of the CVM/Romeldale lambs.

The brown lamb with the white cap, Ewe Lamb #2 is JAVA, a name suggested by Diane. 

Sandy colored Ewe Lamb #3 is DUNE which was suggested by April.

Diane and April will receive sets of Little Lamb Note cards featuring the lambs from year's past. Thank you everyone for your help. It's really wonderful that when this group arrives at my farm next month, they will all have terrific names especially chosen for them. I had an update from the breeder, Chris Spitzer at Yellow Creek Cottage this week. She tells me the lambs are doing well and promises new pictures as soon as it stops raining there (I guess they're up to their knees in mud). We have settled on the week of April 20th as the pick up date for the lambs. Can't wait.

In the meantime, this week's job is to name the next two CVM/Romeldale lambs:

Ewe lamb #4

W906 chocolate ewe splash white half sister to brown ram-F

Ewe lamb #5:

W941 cvm ewe taupe spotting-F

Please post your suggestions in the comments suggestion and we'll pick two more names next Friday.