Sheep Shearing Shed Shots

As promised, here are some better shots of last Monday's cormo shearing day, courtesy of Adrian B. (thank you, Adrian!).

Kodiak waits her turn in the holding pen:
Kodiak in holding pen shearing day by adrian b
Andy Rice at work:
Shearer at work by adrian b

Crackerjack, a concerned guardian, supervises: "Hey, careful with my sheep!"
Cracker on shearing day by adrian b

Peeling off the fleece. It's a beauty.
Shearing by adrian b
Buttercup, post-shearing. We don't bother shaving noses which is why she still looks a little grungy (but sweet). The lanolin in the wool really attracts and holds dirt, another reason why those coats are so important.
Buttercup post shear by adrian b

Buster was bored. It was a very long day. 
Buster on shearing day by adrian b

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copyright 2009. Barbara Parry. All rights reserved.
photos by Adrian Bizilia