Settling In

I arrived to a quieter farm this morning. The lambs at last are settling into their new home in the carriage barn, no longer pining for their moms. Less stressed but wistful nonetheless, they were very curious about the change in morning ritual, intently watching me through the gate, as you can see in the following video clip. Over the next few weeks, they’ll become more focused on Crackerjack and Buttercup, their surrogate mothers for the time being.

Saying goodbye to Charlotte yesterday was hard but her departure was peaceful and it clearly was the right time. Charlotte was always reserved, intelligent and quick to read any situation. In her younger days she was generally one of the smartest when it came to avoiding hoof trimming or dodging a coat change. An excellent mother, she was fiercely protective of her lambs and insistent on handling everything her own way. We miss her already. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments.

I’m sending all of you my wishes for a safe and relaxing 4th.