Ready for Rhinebeck?


My main reason for posting this evening to is tell everyone how much we've appreciated your comments during this difficult week. I know that time will eventually dampen the hurt, but your thoughts have helped immensely. We miss Emma terribly and our home just isn't the same. 

The feat of readying for a major show is all-consuming. My  very wise younger sister Kathleen commented yesterday that the distraction is letting me work through the grief a little at a time. We'll see if that's a good thing. Grief is tricky. We'll see if it doesn't clock me between the eyes once the energy of the show subsides.

I somehow managed to pull it together and here I am, in Rhinebeck this evening. Writing now from the Beekman Arms, my favorite place to stay for the NY S&W gig. I can literally roll out of bed tomorrow morning, head north a few blocks and I'm in my booth. Does anyone know where I can find latte at 6 a.m.?

Holly and I packed the van in the midst of a snow squall – a first. We made it here mid afternoon and the time quickly evaporated with setting up the booth and tending to vendorly tasks. I've already met up with some of my favorite people, one of the perks of attending a show. Holly phoned at dusk to say the flock is well, all tucked in before dark.

If you come by my booth first thing tomorrow morning, you may spot me with my photographer, Ben Barnhart, who is taking some shots for my book, Adventures In Yarn Farming (and maybe, if you're not camera shy, you'll get to be in some of those shots). Look for us in Building A. I'll have a stack of Teach Yourself Visually Hand-dyeing books at the booth (and will be signing them at the author's gathering on Sunday morning). Please come say hello.

Wishing all a good weekend.