Name Game Winners – Two more to Go!

Names for ewe lambs #4 and #5 have been chosen: The very dark brown lamb #4 is "Cinder" a name suggested by Kris. Lamb #5 is aptly named "Biscuit" by Valerie. Thanks Kris, Valerie and everybody – my brain's on overload this week with so much happening here, and it's nice to have so many thoughtful names to choose from (without having to think of them myself). Holly and I were heading to a Fiber Twist meeting in Greenfield today and I totally zoned out and got on the interstate heading south instead. Had to drive all the way to Deerfield before we could turn around and head back. Jiminy Cricket. 

  I'm a little sad that we'll run out of CVM/Romeldale lambs before we run out of great ideas for names (thanks to all of you).

Here are the last two lambs in need of colorful names (remember, color is this year's theme). I'll announce the winners next Friday – and maybe by then we'll see the arrival of our first Cormo lambs.

Ewe lamb #6:
Cvm brown ewe 937 crop march 09

side view:

Cvm w937-brown ewe-crop-2

And the rose-gray ram lamb #7 (what a cutie).



In less than 4 weeks, the CVMs will be here. Many thanks to all who offered suggestions.