Lamb Creep

This afternoon "the creep" was a happening spot for the lambs who arrived about ten days ago.  A creep is a special pen which allows lambs access via a "creep panel" or gate with slots through which they must walk or creep.    The slots are too small for the mothers to follow, but they try anyway.  Inside the creep – a  self-service grain buffet for lambies.   

We supplement the lambs’ diet with grain until the pastures green up.  It doesn’t take them long to take a nibble.  Once they’ve caught on, they really like the idea that they can help themselves to a snack at any time.   Because it’s always there, they do not over-eat. 

The creep quickly becomes a social scene for the older lambs.  They eat, hang out, practice head-butts, ninja kicks, high jumps.  Sometimes they have a slumber party.  The "no-grown-ups allowed" aspect really seems to appeal to them. 

Here’s some creep action from this afternoon.  The blue box holds the grain.  Some of the oldest lambs are eating in the forground, with two shy newcomers in the upper right.


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In this shot, two lambs are about to enter through the creep gate in the background, while the straw bales provide entertainment for the lambs up front.  One lamb appears to be scaling the feeder.


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115_1524             This hungry gal is trying to get mother on her feet so she can nurse.  Maybe she hasn’t yet discovered the creep.