Lamb Watch

I've spent the last two days catching up on projects in the studio and preparing for lambing. The expectant mommas are looking larger by the minute and I know the lambs can come at almost anytime. With the cold and blustery days we've had so far this week, I'm glad I haven't had to deal with newborns in the birthing barn. Not yet.

Despite the winds, Caitlyn and company were lounging in the yard when I arrived this morning. The sun must have felt warm enough, though I can't imagine it was pleasant being out in the open. I know I hustled my way through morning chores. As you can see, much of the snow has melted but the landscape is barren and dreary. Not a pretty time in New England, but that will soon change.

Caitlyn and crew waiting for breakfast

Holly and I have been busy preparing the barn for lambing. Yesterday she bedded several of the lambing pens and organized the supplies in the birthing kit that we carry into the barn whenever there's a delivery. Iodine for dipping navels, a bottle of Superlube, a small bulb syringe for clearing fluid from lambie noses and mouths, a stack of clean towels, a new bag of lamb milk replacement (just in case) – all systems are "go" –

Except for one critical piece of equipment that we have just discovered is not working: the lamb cam. Mounted on the wall year round, we seldom think to actually make sure it is live until we actually need to rely on it to supervise the maternity ward. At the moment we're just getting snowy transmissions on the receiver. I have someone checking it out on Thursday, let's hope it's just a matter of a loose connection.

My trunk show at Webs went really well last Saturday. I was honored and flattered by the people who arrived in time for my presentation. Thanks for showing your support of what I do.

I promise to let you know as soon as there's action in the barn. Hope it's warmer and more spring like in your neck of the woods today.

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