Happy Halloween!

I've been saving these pictures I took at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival to share with you today. These jack-o-lanterns were in the booth of Hugh McMahon, master pumpkin carver. I didn't get to see much of the festival, but I was glad I didn't miss meeting Hugh and seeing him at work (this is why I love sheep festivals, where else would you find such a spectacular flock of  lamb-o-lanterns?). 


 Ewe pumpkin

Pumpkin ewe

A Merin-o-lantern.


A Cormo-lantern?


I think this one might be a Leicester-Lantern.

Leicester lantern

There were even a couple llama-o-lanterns. (Crackerjack and Caitlyn are so pleased).


Happy Halloween from me & the flock!