Giving Thanks

As I zipped around doing evening barn chores yesterday, I thought about my many reasons to be grateful. I am blessed with health and  wonderfully supportive family and friends. This year my family (who are rather spread out geographically) decided we would all do our own thing for Thanksgiving. Although I really miss seeing everyone, I am glad no one has a long drive, no one has to deal with airport agony and that we can all have a restful day. 


I am thankful that I live on this beautiful patch of planet and that my life is graced with a flock of peaceful, gentle souls. I thank Snowdrop for posing nicely for this close up and the seven-ish sheep who stood still long enough for the shot below.

Sheep,pasture late fall

Dolce, mcqueen

During this time of uncertainty, I have come to truly appreciate the security of home and my husband Mike, who single-handedly maintained stability here during my insanely hectic fall show schedule. I am really thankful for Holly's reliable back up at the farm and also with preparing for shows this season (I don't know what I'd do without her!). And for Gale, who keeps home a nicer place.

Hilltop herd late fall

The only cooking here today will be chevre and herb omelets for breakfast, as soon as I've finished feeding the sheep. I'm grateful for that! Mike and I will have Thanksgiving dinner at the Deerfield Inn this evening.

The Border Leicesters are thankful for this loaded tree in the upper pasture which dispenses a fresh supply of apples on windy days . . .  

Ewe, apple tree

And I am really grateful for the new windshield on the mule – just installed yesterday. The wind chill factor was getting pretty hard to take, especially when driving to the hilltop in lousy weather. Thank you Mike and Dick!

Mule windshield

I  thank the knitters, spinners who value my work and have supported my business over the past year. Thank you for making this year a successful one.

Thank you Clara Parkes, for having me at the Knitter's Review Retreat last week, and the Northeast Handspinner's Association, for including me at The Gathering earlier this month. I really enjoy the pace of events that allow time to visit with friends.
Foxfire, knitters review retreat

The weather is cold but fine here today, so we'll go hiking after breakfast and morning chores. Then I will hunker down for a while to review the galleys for my hand dye book (due out in May) while Mike watches football. Really looking forward to turkey and pumpkin pie a bit later.

With wishes for  health, happiness and love  - Happy Thanksgiving!