Friends & Fiber: New Hampshire Sheep & Wool


The month of May is a time when I could really use a clone- so one of me can keep tabs on the lively group of lambs and their ravenous mothers  at the farm – while the other me takes the farm on the road.  Each spring I become a fiber road warrior for the series of festivals that are circled on the  calendar from April through June.

New Hampshire is always my first show of the season, and it's a special one for several reasons.  When my business was very much in the fledgling stage, NH  was my first "big" show.  Since both sisters, Trish and Kathleen, are residents of the Granite State, they are always there for booth support.   Here Kathleen is shepherdess to a flock of drop spindles from Grafton Fibers.


NH S & W  is also about reconnecting with the fiber community and visiting with friends I haven't seen since Rhinebeck.   We had a very special friend join us for the weekend.  Melissa Morgan Oakes, author of 2-At-A-Time Socks was on hand to sign copies of her book and to chat about her technique for avoiding single-sock-syndrome.  If you missed her in NH, she'll be joining us again at Mass.  Sheep & Wool on Saturday May 24 from 11 – 1. 


We had lots of visitors over the weekend.  Terry dropped by to score a pair of batts and then found the perfect drop spindle to accessorize, demonstrating the art of color coordinating one's tool with one's fiber. . .

It was also great to see Meg, Laurie, Manise, Julia,  Marcy, Deanna, Cheryl, Cate, Alice, Sue, Vangie  (and I know i'm missing names here – so sorry!)- and great to make some face to face connections with some Ravelers who came by.   


Lisa Lloyd, a friend who couldn't attend, was with us in spirit.   So I gave autographed copies of her gorgeous new book , A Fine Fleece, a special space front and center.  No one could pass the booth without stopping to admire her work.


The weather cooperated and the vibe was great on Saturday.   The news on Sunday morning that one vendor's cash box (Morgaine from Carolina Homespun) had been stolen during breakdown on Saturday night cast a pall over the following day.  After reading Clara Parkes' reports of theft at Maryland this year, it was really disheartening to see this trend had made its way to NH.   My experience has always been that there is a strong level of trust among those in the fiber community.   I'm hopeful that the  unfortunate events of the first two major shows of the year were aberrations and not a sign of what's to come.

We were pretty exhausted by the show's end (but still smiling).  Somehow Trish managed to avoid the camera's eye by remaining behind the camera.  So I will be sure to get her in a shot or two at Rhinebeck.


Now it's back to the farm!


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