Bottle Baby


About an hour from now, I will heat a bottle of lamb milk replacer and head out to the barn to feed a hungry lamb.  I do this four or five times each day.

Nike, rookie Border Leicester mother of twins, is lactation challenged.  While her ewe lamb Augusta appears well-fed, Jackson, her smaller ram lamb simply isn’t getting enough to eat.  He complains about this quite loudly.  I can hear his pitiful wail over the baby monitor and can distinguish his cry from among the 32 lamb voices now in the barn.   

Nike is motherly in every other way, and I am not holding  her inadequate milk supply against her.     Let’s face it, breast feeding is not for everyone.  And to the best of my knowledge, there is no La Leche League for sheep. 

115_1547   Jackson will soon need a larger size sweater.


The arrival of a mysterious object caused quite a stir in the creep this afternoon.