Winner Lamb Count Give-Away & Sheep Shares

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts about what makes this time of year special for you. Congrats go to RichelleCK who commented on 4/22. Richelle, you're the winner of our drawing for 4 skeins of Cormo Silk Alpaca yarn in the color "Bluebird" in celebration of our new lambs.

Spring is now in full throttle here on Patten Hill. The trees are leafing at last and the pastures are greening. It's truly a welcome sight but it means we are extra busy setting up fences for grazing and hoses for watering sheep in the field.

At the same time we have been dyeing, boxing and shipping Sheep Shares. Our spring/summer yarn Cormo Flock Sock (and fiber) is now on its way to Sheep Shares members.

We still have a small handful of yarn shares available for 2011. If you'd like to join us, please click here for more info. And a reminder to Sheep Shares members, our spring open farm day "The Strolling of the Lambs" is on Saturday, June 4.

Caring for the lambs is delightful. The video shows snippets of morning in the barn and on the pasture. The lambs clamber in and out of their creep pen during breakfast (a creep is a separate lamb feeding pen – only little lambs can fit through the special panel). Outdoors, they are learning about nibbling grass while sticking close to Crackerjack, their llama nanny. You can hear the sound of the rushing brook in the background (and can see it too in a few frames).

I am off now to work in my garden before the predicted rain.

Thanks again to all blog commenters and congrats to Richelle.