The Barn After Dark

Sheep flock night barn. Foxfire Fiber

We've reached the time of year when there just aren't enough daylight minutes at day's end. I had a meeting in Greenfield this afternoon and got back to the farm just after dark. Here's a look at the night barn with sheep and donkeys.

Donkeys night barn. Foxfire Fiber

The farrier came to the farm this morning. Donkeys don't wear shoes but their hooves need maintenance on a regular basis. Cupcake and Prissy get gold stars for standing perfectly still while Randy, the farrier, pared their little hooves and cleaned out all the ick from the frog of the hoof (the frog is the soft sole of a donkey's hoof. The hoof wall surrounds it. Like a horseshoe ;-).

Dulce was Miss Fidget – not at all happy about her pedicure. She used some fancy footwork, dancing backwards and forwards and sideways to keep Randy away from her feet. But we eventually got her foot work done.

Ann (from SYALER) tells me they catch on fast to clicker training – and they love peppermints for rewards. I'll see if I can get her to be more cooperative in picking up  her feet before the farrier's next visit.

Donkey night barn Foxfire Fiber
Cupcake wishes you a good evening!