Summer Scenes

Summer garden barn.foxfire fiber farm


Lambs in summer pasture.foxfire fiber farm


Lamb cluster.foxfire fiber farm
Round bale july 2011

Cormo silk alpaca skeins. foxfire fiber

Fall Yarn Shares – Cormo Silk Alpaca yarn, Foxfire Fiber & Designs

The photos tell the story of what's happening at the farm. Summer has hit its stride. The garden's growing full tilt, hay's happening . . .

During the July heat wave the  sheep grazed early morning and evening, returning to the barn to sit out the mid-day sun. The fans are running in the barn 24/7 to keep everyone comfortable.The lambs form a wooly puddle at my feet when I come to the barn in the morning.

Our new Shetlands are loving life on the farm. We just received their final health clearances for OPP (Ovine Progressive Pneumonia). Tomorrow we'll introduce them to the 2011 ewe lambs and to Crackerjack, their new guardian. Fingers crossed that everyone plays nicely.

In the midst of it all, I'm working in the dye studio, plugging away on dyeing our fall yarn shares. Like the sheep, I'm at it early in the morning or after sun down. It's just too darn hot otherwise. I'm thrilled to say we started shipping our fall shares of Cormo Silk Alpaca yarn and roving today. Sheep Shares members, expect to see your fall shares sometime this month (August). We are doing our best to get them out the door as soon as they are ready.