Solstice Sheep & Donkeys

Sheep donkeys Foxfire Fiber

It was a peacable pasture yesterday morning at breakfast. We turned out the sheep and donks together and fed them in the field. As you can see, the two groups kept some distance from each other at first. But by later in the day, they were comfortably ambling about with no worries. A lovely day in the field for all.

It's a very good thing they are feeling more companionable toward each other. Wind, snow and rain rolled in last night. From the looks of things, the critters peacefully shared a cozy barn. Everyone was dry this morning and the barn was full of sheep and donk poop piles – not our favorite way to start the day but a good sign that all critters felt "at home" in the barn during the stormy night.

Sheep & donkeys. Foxfire Fiber

Today kicks off our Solstice KAL featuring our winter 2012 Sheep Shares yarn and fiber – Cormo Silk Alpaca. You can join us if you like – by clicking our "Joining Thread" on Ravelry- details can be found here. One lucky winner will receive a Sheep Shares Farm Yarn & Fiber CSA 2013 membership.

Wishing a peaceful solstice to all.