Snowed In

Winter sheep after the snow. foxfire fiber
Snow's so deep, the sheep won't leave the barn unless we make them. We break paths for them and lure them outdoors with hay on fair days.

Today is not one of those days. It's been snowing sideways since I opened my eyes at 6 a.m. Fat, wet snow that shovels like concrete. Mike is scrambling to clear the driveway before this switches over to rain later – then we'll have a hot mess on our hands. A cold mess, I should say.

It's been a wind-roaring, snow falling, frost heaving, ice damming, nose freezing winter – wearing us down and out, like a guest who's overstayed its welcome. Perhaps you feel the same way. 

The sheep are more stoic and don't whine about it. They're dressed for the weather, 24/7, swaddled in wool. I don't think they mind one bit. They tuck into the barn, noses pointed downwind, legs folded beneath them in the straw, chewing their cud. Since they're getting so little exercise and consuming a ton of hay, they are happy, fat, wide and wooly sheep. 

I've sited bluebirds twice in the two weeks and robins down at the farm. Shearing begins next month. Surely spring's not far away.

Please leave a comment and let me know, how are you faring this winter?

Zoe Farley watching snow fall. Foxfire Fiber