Sleepless nights

MacIntosh Lamb. foxfire fiber

"Check out my wrinkles!"

No new developments on the lamb front since the weekend. MacIntosh (above), Duchess and Pippin are mixing it up with each other in the super-sized pen we created for them. Now they can have play dates.

Chanel is mellow about her little ones hanging out with the lamb from next door. But Chloe is an overprotective ewe. She doesn't want anyone getting too close to her lamb, including other sheep. It's kind of funny, since her "baby" is twice the size of Chanel's twins.

I love watching all of it during barn chores. I am not loving trying to sleep to the sounds of a restless barn. The moms-to-be belch, groan and shuffle around in the bedding. One of them likes thwacking the side of the mineral feeder with her head. Another likes using the panel beneath the audio transmitter as a scratching post. It's amazing how baby monitors capture and amplify even the smallest sounds.

That's what I get for eavesdropping.

The temps have really dropped and the wind has kicked in this evening. Fingers are crossed that we don't have to go to the barn tonight.