Sheep Shares Lamb Visit

The lambs had company on Sunday. We got lucky with a picture-perfect day for our Sheep Shares Lamb Visit. The flock was on their best behavior. Mostly.

Lambs flocking

They lampeded for guests before fanning out to graze in the field. Holly and Mike gave a farm tour. The bottle lambs scampered right over and hung out with us for the afternoon. Helena stole someone's plate of grapes and carrots. Crackerjack eyed the refreshment table but minded his manners. 

Mistral peed on the picnic blanket  .  . .

Sheep shares lambs in field

yet still managed to win everyone's heart . . . 

Sheep shares visit III

while amusing us with her antics.

Sheep shares V

Georgia was a sponge, soaking up attention. 

Sheep shares visit IX

And Crackerjack shyly enjoyed his moment in the limelight.

Crackerjack & barb

We had loads of goodies – local strawberries, cookies (courtesy of Bonnie). Minh brought the best pastries. Mike and Holly had put up a tent for refreshments and set up plenty of chairs and straw bales in the shade of the maple.

And we had the most incredible show and tell . . . stunning finished projects knit from last spring and winter's Sheep Shares and some inspiring works in progress. It was truly rewarding to be surrounded by my flock and friends sharing their creations from the wool of my flock. Fiber come full circle.

I had way too many photos for one post (and Holly and visitors have been kind enough to share some pics for me to share with you). Read on to post #2 for more about the day.

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