Sheep Afield

Cormo flock with llama

Cormo yearling sheep upper pasture

Cormo rams under the apple tree
  After a stormy weekend, it's always good to get back to our usually scheduled program. As I mentioned last week, we're already well into our rounds of grazing rotation. The flock is divided into several groups based on age and gender. 

Caitlyn's charges (top photo), a mixed group of Cormo yearlings and adults are bivouacked in the upper pasture for the moment. The mothers and lambs are centered at the "home farm" pastures – safest and  closest to the barns – under Crackerjack's watchful eye. The rams hold the high ground up by the house, their usual summer digs – at a safe distance from the ladies! This year we have a small group of wethers (neutered males) on loan to a friend to maintain his open land. This is an experiment that has gone well so far. The boys are earning their keep.

June is passing so quickly, it will soon be time to think about weaning the lambs. More about that in another post – and I'll have some lamb antics to share, too.

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