Shearing Day and Some Good News

Sheep in holding pen
Friday was a monster work day. And since I was preoccupied with Mishka's progress at the animal hospital and getting the last of Sheep Shares finally out the door, Holly and Andy tackled everything on their own: shearing (border leicesters, llamas, goats), deworming everyone, hoof trimming. All the spring flock maintenance tasks that could possibly get rolled into one day. I'm so grateful for their help, since I'm both physically and emotionally drained after the events of the last four weeks. 

Ben Barnhart was on hand to snap some photos for future projects. The border leicester fleeces are spectacular. I love they way they peel off like glossy robes of ringlets. I'll be entering four of them in the fleece show at the Mass. Sheep & Wool Festival on May 29 & 30th, along with some Cormo and Moorit fleeces.

(I should mention here that my Border Leicester flock is for sale – a downsizing measure so I can focus on producing fine wool. If you know anyone within a two hour drive of western Mass. who may be interested in a fiber flock that's won numerous fleece awards, I'd appreciate it if you'd direct them to my blog.)

Shearing border leicester

And now a word about my girl:

Mishka is home and resting comfortably. While the crew was busy in the carriage barn on Friday, I was on and off the phone with the head of the veterinary hospital. The short and sweet version of the story – Mishka is in the early stages of kidney disease. To the credit of the staff at the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital of South Deerfield, she's doing worlds better than she was a few days ago. It means a number of lifestyle changes: diet, meds and routine to keep her feeling good for as long as we can. She wasn't discharged until very late Friday, but man, was she ever so happy to get in the car when I went to pick her up. 

Today she's behaving more like her normal self, rolling in a smelly pile of sheep droppings after breakfast this morning. A good sign.


Will post some Mistral shots and an update on the rest of the lambs this week.