Meet Farley and Zoe, our golden pups who arrived at the tail end of September.

Life has been non-stop puppy mayhem for three weeks, but we are completely in love with the new members of our family.



New puppies


Farley and Zoe are half siblings (same father) but since they came from the same breeder and were raised together (only a week apart in age) they think and act like siblings. Farley is a beluga-sized, low-key male. He loves sleeping on his back, tummy rubs and sitting on the couch watching t.v. Zoe is a high-energy, peanut-sized female. She loves ripping around the back yard like a greyhound, taunting her "little" brother and sometimes sitting still long enough to cuddle.

Our house is a puppy nursery. Our days are full of puppy-potty routines, clicker training, lessons in leash walking and house manners. Since they both love chewing everything in sight, and digging holes to east India, we have our work cut out for us.

Oh, and they both are terrified of sheep. We are working on that too . . . 



ZOE in garden
Our gardens, rugs and furniture may suffer for the time being, but what joy to have the smell of wet dogs in the house on a rainy day once again.

Puppy kindergarten started last week. We're working hard with canid behavior specialist Elise McMahon of Canine Head Start on channeling their energy and teaching them about life with people and sheep. 

I'll keep your posted on our progress.