It seems it's a good thing I didn't go to New Hampshire this weekend, as Mistral has given me reason to be concerned. What started as a mild limp a few days ago has progressed to swelling in her left front leg. She can't bear any wait on it. After watching her barely able to keep up with the others in the rain in the pasture this morning, I've brought her into the studio for the day. Although I made a little  corner in the kitchen with hay and some grain,  she's mostly interested in resting where she can keep an eye on me. Which  means it's hard to get anything done, since every time I get up, she gets up to follow me. I really want her to stay off that leg.

Yes, that's my purple Brooks Brothers sweater she's borrowed for a pillow.

Mistral II
 I'm in contact with our vet, staring her on antibiotics in case it's a joint infection. It's only day 2 so hard to tell if it will do any good. It's incredibly deflating to bring a lamb along to this point and then have a set back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that with rest, antibiotics and some t.l.c., she'll rally.

Will keep you all posted. 

I'd love to hear about the New Hampshire festival if any of you make it there this weekend.

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