Mini Donkeys are Here!

Mini donkeys. Foxfire Fiber
Made it back to the farm just before dark with our three little jennets: Cupcake, Dulce and Prissy. Here they are scoping out their new barn. It was a long day for them. First visitors at their home at Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue in New Hampshire. Then walking into a horse trailer with strangers. Then a long, bumpy ride (although we were very slow on the back roads, there were lots of back roads on this trip. We were extra careful on corners). Then off loading – down the ramp of the trailer – in a new place. With a welcoming committee of odd-looking, strange-smelling animals. 

Donkeys and the sheep didn't know what to make of each other. The sheep took off into the pasture when the donkeys first stepped out the barn door. The donkeys instantly bolted in the other direction, back into the barn. The two groups went back and forth like that for the first ten minutes while I placed hay in their feeders and Mike filled water buckets.

Then the sheep worked up courage to approach the fence line for a closer look. The donkles were wary and kept their distance. Poor Prissy was quaking a bit, but finally Cupcake took the lead and walked up to the fence to introduce herself. 

After all the back and forthing with the sheep, the girls came inside to snuffle around the barn. Whenever I stepped into their pen they stuck to me like velcro. They stand about waist high and love having me scritch their back sides and behind their tall fuzzy ears. Their backs feel coarse and dry but their faces are soft and velvety.

Hopefully they have settled in and will have a peaceful first night in their new barn. I can't wait to see them again tomorrow morning.

Thanks everyone for welcoming them. I'll keep you posted about their adjustment.