Milestones & Quiet Farm on New Years Day

Sol Llama & sheep. winter. Foxfire Fiber

Mike and I celebrated the holidays quietly at home this year, enjoying the company of our flock, dogs, llamas, goat, donkeys – and each other. We celebrated arrivals and marked several milestones this season.

Milestone #1 – Hooray for Zoe and Welcome Home, Farley!

The week before Christmas, we had some encouraging news for our Zoe, our 1 year old Golden Retriever. As some of you may know, she's been convalescing from radical surgery back in October to address severe degenerative joint disease in her right elbow. Her xrays on December 19th hold promise – good healing from the surgery. Although she still has along road to rehab ahead, she appears to be walking without lameness. This is one of the best gifts we could ask for. Her positive report also meant that Farley, her brother who has been staying with friends for the 8 week window of her recovery, could come home again. It was a very happy family reunion for all!

We thank orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kurt Shulz and the staff at Peak Veterinary Referral Center in Burlington, VT for taking such good care of Zoe. Also, much love and thanks to our good friends Dick, Gale and Jackson for taking Farley into your home so Zoe could rest.

Zoe Christmas morning 2012. Foxfire Fiber

Here's a pic of Zoe the couch potato (above) on Christmas morning. And below, a glimpse of my Christmas afternoon hike with Farley. We're keeping fingers crossed that Zoe too will soon be able to join us for hikes and outings.

Farley Chirstmas day hike 2012. Foxfire fiber

Milestone #2- Happy Anniversery to our Sol Llama!

On the solstice we celebrated our rescue llama Sol's (tall, dark & handsome guy in first pic above) second anniversary at the farm. Sol came to us on a snowy December morning in 2010. Since then he has contentedly made Springdelle farm his home. He loves sharing hay with the sheep (above) and hanging out with his pal – our guard llama Caitlyn (below). Most recently, he's started taking corn from a scoop held in Mike's hand. This may not seem like a big deal but Sol is one wary, independent dude. He's come a long way in trusting us.

Beautiful Caitlyn llama. winter. Foxfire Fiber
Milestone #3 – Adventures in Yarn Farming
Manuscript Completed!
In December my book Adventures in Yarn Farming underwent its final editorial touches with good shepherding from my dear and patient editors at Roost Books/Shambhala Publications.  My book has headed at last into the final design process. I can't tell you how much I love this project and how good it feels to have it that much closer to sharing it with the rest of the world. Look for a celebratory launch in fall 2013. At last!
Milestone #4 – Celebrating 50 Trips Around the Sun
My birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Years. This year was a big one, although I feel no older, nor wiser, really. I celebrated with a small gathering of close friends at a very special local restaurant. As I blew out the candles on my cake, Mother Nature showered our west county hills in white confetti. Thanks to all for wishing me a happy birthday.
New Year's Day 2013
This morning was a lot like every morning so far this winter. We fed and walked the pups then headed to the farm to serve breakfast to the rest of the gang. I hopped in the truck to plow a path so the donkeys can stretch and get some exercise. Sol begged Mike for corn. Mike fed the rams and wethers. I'm about ready now to make lamb chili and biscuits for our New Year's Day dinner.
In the midst of a season that has wrought so much loss and inconceivable grief for others not so very far from our farm, I feel unbelievably blessed. Our hearts go out to the families whose lives have been irrevocably disrupted by the loss of loved ones.
I can't tell you how much I value your friendship and support over the past year. Wishing you all the best in this new year.