Lunch with Mistral – Video

Here's an update on Mistral. As you can see from today's video, she's getting leggy and also filling out quite a bit. In the barn, she's fitting in well with the other lambs, racing and exploring the pasture. I saw her sampling hay at dinnertime yesterday, a very good sign that she's on the right path. 

It's not unusual for bottle lambs to be very keyed in to people but it's been years since I've had a lamb this imprinted on me. I think spending her first night in my bed may have had something to do with it. She loves it when I let her out of the sheep pen at chore time and follows me around the barn while I feed everyone else.

Holly and I took her for a walk at lunchtime today and made this movie for you. We're having fun with this lamb who follows us everywhere we go like a puppy – but oh so interesting that Buster, Holly's dog, is afraid of the lamb! We're loving this time of year, all the lambs are here and delightful to watch.

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