Lambs on Pasture Pics

Crispin. cormo lamb. pasture. foxfire fiber

Although the grass is very wet, it is not rip-roaring raining today.

The sky is brightening for the first time in a week as I type this post. ahhh.

The lambs are shoulder deep in grass and loving it. Every week we rotate them to a fresh pasture. It's their first tour of grazing. The immediate world beyond their big barn still brand new and infinitely worthy of investigation. 

I stopped mid chores yesterday to watch them explore the foundation of a long-gone silo at the south end of the barn. Once they had thoroughly inspected the loose stones and mortar gaps, they deemed the silo base a perfect launch pad for a game of leaping lambs. Had it not been raining, I would have filmed it. I was happy not to have missed it.

Cormo lambs ewes on pasture.foxfire fiber

Thursday was a big day for three of our ram lambs. A shepherd who runs a farm at a local prep school stopped by with some students. They are increasing the size of the school's fiber flock. In June Jonathan, Keswick and Fuji will join their school's farm flock. Lucky lambs, they have many young shepherds excited about working with them. We have 4 weeks until weaning so the boys will still be here for our Sheep Shares Strolling of the Lambs on June 4th. It's still nice to know they are going to a good home nearby.

Pair cormo lambs pasture.foxfire fiber
In a freakish and totally unrelated-to-sheep accident earlier this week, Mike took a nasty fall while running to shut a window during a downpour. Fortunately, the corner of the sill molding broke his fall. Unfortunately it tore a lovely gash in his forehead. Although he was dazed and there was copious amounts of blood, he suffered no concussion – and the window sill missed his eye by an inch. 

Many hours at the ER and 14 stitches later, Mike is faring well and being a good sport about our teasing. 

"Have your met Mike? He's a cut above."

"He got into business with some shady characters – he thought they were talking profits when they said they'd give him a big cut."

"Did you hear about Mike's trip to the window? It was a Gash!"


Yuck, yuck yuck.

Okay, really, we're glad he's fine. Although Mike's been telling people he was hit by an errant hockey puck at a Bruins game, now you know the truth!

(humor courtesy of Kathryn and Hunter)