Lambed Out! Celebration GiveAway

Cormo lamb thalia
We're all resting after a long journey . . .

Cormo ewe and lamb

. . . and breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning. Our last lamb of the season arrived yesterday evening. Thalia delivered the sleepy ram lamb pictured above just as I was heading to the barn for Mistral's bedtime bottle feeding. It was really considerate of her to lamb before I went to bed for the night. 

Since he is our grand finale of lambing 2010, I've named him Zapfino – "Zap" for short. He had thirty two curious little noses poking through the slats of his pen to say hello this morning. Thalia's colossal udder has more than enough milk, so this guy's got it made. No competition. 

It puts our lamb count at 33 for the year. I am so looking forward to nights of unbroken sleep and I know Holly is especially psyched to have the task of cleaning out lambing jugs over for the season.  

Today I have some winners to announce from last week's giveaway. The lucky winner of 2 skeins of Foxfire Fiber Cormo Silk Alpaca and a copy of Clara Parkes' book, A Knitters' Book of Wool is Debbie (from comment posted on 4/16 at 5:15 pm).

And the following lucky winners will each receive a copy of the spring 2010 issue of Living Crafts magazine:

Cheryl Adams (comment 4/16, 11:34 am)

Kate/Massachusetts (4/16, 4:50 pm)

Joanne G. (comment 4/16, 8:39 pm)

Pat (comment 4/16, 10:44 pm)

Heather (comment 4/16 11:01 am)

If you see your name above, I'll be contacting you via email so I can send your goodies. Thanks to everyone who shared a comment about your wooly experiences and preferences. As always, I enjoyed reading.

Time for a New Give-Away!!!

This week is our last give-away in a month of special give-aways celebrating spring and lambing season. I have a very special prize, courtesy of the folks at Storey Publishing. Designer, knitter, author of best-selling book 2-At-A-Time Socks, chicken-momma and my awesome friend Melissa Morgan Oakes will soon be celebrating the launch of her second book: Toe-Up: 2-At-A-Time Socks. And Storey is providing a copy for this week's giveaway.

 Although the official release date is still a couple of weeks away, the winner of this week's give-away will receive a copy of Melissa's brand new book, directly from Storey, hot off the press!

Would you like a chance to win this copy? Leave a comment here on this post, telling me which moment from this year's lambing season you most enjoyed seeing or reading about.  I'll close entries and draw a name at the stroke of midnight on Thursday, April 29 (est) and announce the winner here during the day next Friday, April 30. Please, one entry per person and be sure to give your email where it asks for it so I can reach you.

As I type, the lambs and ewes are enjoying there first morning out on pasture. I'll be sure to post more pictures and video as they venture out to explore the big world beyond the barn.

Happy Friday to all.

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