Lamb Count & Special Give-Away!

We are resting after a very busy weekend. The rest of our ewes have lambed out. I'm not completely surprised. The action was sporadic this year and I suspected that our last momma's would birth in sync with the full moon. The last lamb born, Crispin, is snuggling here with his mom, Java.

Java's lamb

Java's lamb close up

Our final tally this year is 13 lambs: 6 rams, 7 ewes. Part of what I love most about the end of birthing time is the sense of relief that all lambs have made it safely into the world. This year I'm blessed with ewes who are all excellent mothers, even the first-timers. Gorgeous full udders. No bottle lambs. And no more sleepless nights!

And now for the names, in order of birth: Pippin, MacIntosh, Duchess, Pink Lady, Jonathan, Gala, Paula Red, Braeburn, Baldwin, Keswick, Spy, Fuji, and Crispin. Not a bad apple in the bunch!

I'll post more pics and videos after I've rested a bit but I wanted to share our exciting news.

We're celebrating the end of a successful birthing season with a special give-way:

4 skeins of Cormo Silk Alpaca yarn in the colorway: BlueBird.

To enter our drawing, please share this post with a friend or two (or blog, Ravelry, FB, or Tweet it). And please leave a comment here about what you love most about this time of year. Be sure to leave your email address where it asks you for it so I can contact you if you win.

You have until April 30 to enter. I will announce our drawing winner here on May Day (5/1/11).

Thanks for sharing our good news!