Lamb Antics

Yesterday brought four new arrivals – and one unwelcome guest.

After the exciting entrance of Donatella's twin ewe-lings, Java quietly delivered a sweet ram lamb while I was at dinner. I found him resting in the straw beside her. After ushering them into a lambing jug she delivered a second sturdy ram lamb. I don't have pics to post yet, but please join me in welcoming our new apples: Braeburn & Baldwin.

While all eyes were on the barn yesterday, our bird feeders at home were attacked by a bear. Tree limbs ripped from trees. Feeders in pieces on the ground. Right beside the house. We love feeding birds at this time of year and seeing the return of old friends. But that may all have to change.

In the meantime, I thought you'd like to see how our oldest lambs, a full two-weeks old now, are growing and playing. Mac, Duchess and Pippin have formed their own little clique. It is an absolute hoot to watch them scamper, spar and prong from one end of the nursery to the other. Bailey's lambs, Pink Lady and Jonathan, try to join in but being a full week behind developmentally, they haven't quite got "the moves" down just yet. So funny to watch them trying to figure it out.

Here are a few scenes from the nursery pen:

Mac & Duchess. sibling rivalry

MacIntosh & Duchess – a little sibling rivalry (my sister and I were the same way growing up!)

Mac, duchess

Pippin on straw bale

PIppin is our leaping champ; she can scale a straw bale in a single bound.

Bailey, jonathan, pink lady

Jonathan and Pink Lady still cling to momma. It's time for the sweaters to come off. How do you like Bailey's new coat?