Hay Scene

This was the scene in the hayfield on Sunday afternoon. Norm was mopping up the last windrows with the round baler. Zoe and Farley cavorted through the behomoth round bales and chewed on stubble.

Making round bales. Foxfire Fiber

Dogs in hayfield. Foxfire Fiber
Zoe Hayfield. Foxfire Fiber

Zoe, Farley with giant bale. Foxfire Fiber
It’s been a tricky summer haywise. June’s monsoons flooded our fields like rice paddies. Haymaking has happened in the sporadic dry intervals amidst the off and on showery weather. We’ve yet to get all of first cut off the fields which means our second cut will be close to nil this year. Second cut is what we feed our sheep in winter. Lord knows where that will come from – and at what cost.

The upside of a wettish summer is our pastures are in decent condition. With summer grazing plentiful, our work has been a matter of turning the flock from field to the next every few weeks. The rams and wethers are in the high pasture; the ewe flock down below.

Sorry for the long blog hiatus. My next post will be sheep and wool focused, and I’ve got more big news to share.  But for now,  I just wanted to pop in and share a bit of what’s happening  – and some funny dog antics from the hayfield.