Two lambs on bale

Two lambs straw bale III

The lambs are feeling more "lambitious". Scaling straw bales is their newest challenge. Each morning while we're cleaning the barn they compete to see who's king of the straw bale. After breakfast, we send everyone out into the pasture for the day, except for the triplets, and Mistral who likes to hang out with the triplets. And Thalia and little Zap, who is so much smaller than the rest and still catching on to life in the barn. The pack of lambs tags along with Crackerjack in the field. He's the lamb nanny.

While it's been crazy windy here over the past two days, taking out my satellite temporarily, warmer days are in store for the weekend. We'll be introducing the lambs to electro-net fencing over the next few days. Holly set up the electro-net around the studio. That way I can keep easily keep an eye on the flock and be close at hand in case of trouble. Usually lambs touch the fence once with their nose and that tells them everything they need to know about the fence. Only once have I had a lamb get zapped and then try running through the fence to get away from it. Good thing I was right there when it happened. 

Today marks the last of our lambing Giveways. This week's prize, a copy of Melissa Morgan Oakes brand new book: Toes Up 2-At-A-Time Socks goes to Torre in MD! I enjoyed hearing about your favorite moments during lambing season this year. Thanks so much for sharing your comments.

Will post some videos of the lambs on pasture this weekend. Happy Friday!