Flock Talk – Shetlands and a Goat and losing daylight

Shetland sheep, angora goat, Foxfire FIber

Gypsy and Sassafras posed nicely for me in the midst of flock maintenance tasks.

I don't know about you but I still haven't recalibrated my daily routine to daylight saving time and I really hate doing evening chores as darkens settles on the farm. Since the flock still has plenty to graze, they're not particularly fussy about what time we show up. But watch, that will soon change, once we get some snow cover – and that could be later this week. There are fluffy flakes swirling outside my window right now as I type.

Mike has set up the heated water buckets in the barn, since sheep don't like ice cubes in their water. I've got more fence to take down. The snow tires still aren't on the plow truck but I think we'll take care of that today.

Sassy, Shetland ewe. Foxfire Fiber

Last week Andy came to help with flock health chores. We gave the llamas, sheep and goat their dectomax injections (a dewormer) and everyone got a pedicure. And since we had everyone rounded up, we put sheep coats on the flock. The fleeces are nearly spotless now, but when we transition to feeding them hay in the barn, that will all change. See all that hay stacked up beside the sheep pen in the first pic? Winter rations.

The biggest news here is that we opened enrollment for Sheep Shares 2013, our farm's yarn and fiber CSA. This is our 5th year. Would you like to join us? Click the button in my blog's sidebar or here for the details.

Wishing you a good week.