Evening Chores!

Some scenes from this evening: three frantic bottle lambs at dinner time! I promise, this is the last post about the bottle lambs for a while, but couldn't resist sharing these pics.

Kitchen lambs V
After playing in the yard all day, they are crazy hungry. Mistral wanted to skip the bottle and eat the powder milk replacer directly from the sack.

Kitchen lambs IV

Kitchen lambs I
Georgia and Garamond lost patience and demanded counter service.

Kitchen lambs II

Kitchen lambsIII
Dinner is served.

Storming into the house is getting to be routine for this group – it's so funny to call them in from the yard and have them come flying through the door.

I promise a longer post once I've finished getting the Sheep Shares spring shares out the door this week. There have been lots of great questions in comments and it's time for a round of Q & A.

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