Easter Morning – lamb video

Yesterday brought an inch of snow and a steady patter of sleet. The sheep huddled in their sheds. The lambs and mommas stayed indoors. The finches, chickadees, juncos and sparrows fought duked it out over the feeders. 

Today: a glorious sunrise over the trees that haven't yet leafed but have a fuzzy red halo of new buds. The snow has vanished except for a few freckles here and there in the pasture. The sheep are content lounging in the field.

It is a perfect Easter morning. I'm wishing everyone a happy holiday and sharing a video clip from earlier this week. The lambs are goofing around while the moms finish breakfast. They were racing while I fed the moms but by the time I grabbed my camera, they naturally became more serious.

We've had a string of damp, cold days and I've kept the lambsters indoors. There's nothing green outside for them to nibble on just yet. Maybe today they can go out to play.

In the meantime, the wet weather has screwed up the work flow here. We have 16 sheep to shear before breakfast today. I know. it's Easter. But the sheep are dry (I kept this group indoors) and this was my shearer's only opening all week. It will be Mistral's first shearing!

I'll have just enough time to clean up before my guests arrive. Wishing a peaceful day to all.