Donkey Day One

Anytime we have new arrivals at the farm, it's hard for us to resist shining the spotlight on them. I've been spreading the word and sharing pics of our new "donks" (or "donkles" as we've been calling them) to whomever I speak to, wherever I go. At the feed store. At the coffee shop. At the salon. At the restaurant where we had dinner last night. 

Here are some notes and observations from the mini donkey's first full day at Springdelle Farm:

Donkey Day One:

1. Donkeys greet face first.

Cupcake CloseUp Mini donkey. Foxfire Fiber

2. Donkeys don't miss a trick.

3. Donkeys like Mike.

Mini donkey Cupcake with Mike. Foxfire Fiber

4. Donkeys like dust baths.

5. Fortunately, donkeys also like being brushed.

6. Donkeys love carrots and apples.

7. Donkey poop piles are much larger than sheep poop piles (Did you want a pic? I thought not).

I may turn the donkeys out with the sheep today for the first time, now that they've had a day and half to adjust to each others' looks, smells, sounds and behaviors. Will let you know how that works.

 I promise to get back to writing about the real stars of Springdelle Farm, our sheep in a day or so.