Donatella’s Lamb Birthing – video

I shot this with my iPhone (that's why the image is the size of postage stamp, sorry 'bout that) shortly after my last post. Donatella did a beautiful job of birthing her first lambs – a super-cute pair of ewe-lings! 

Help us welcome our newest apples: Gala and Paula Red.

Donatella and her lambs are doing well. For a friendly ewe she has turned into quite the fierce mother. She didn't want me or Holly anywhere near her lambs. I have a nice bruise on my hand to prove it.

This video shows Gala's first words (she's actually having a conversation with Chanel in the next pen) while her mom delivers her sister Paula Red. (If you're at all squeamish about birthing goo and blood, you may not want to watch). The second part of the video was shot after we got them into a lambing jug.