Coming to the Farm!

Cupcake, Dulce, miniature donkeys. Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

Meet Cupcake, Dulce and Prissy – three miniature donkeys who will soon be calling Springdelle Farm their home. Mike and I are adopting these adorable long ears tomorrow from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue in New Hampshire. The rescue is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of donkeys and mules. I discovered their website last year when I first started thinking about adding donkeys to our woolly menagerie. Impressed by their track record, I bookmarked the website and have checked back from time to time.

I was smitten with the pics and the decription of these three jennys (a jenny is a female donkey – a boy donkey is a jack – an "ass" can be either male or female) when I saw them way back in November. After learning how people-friendly these girls are – and with the caveat that they must also be sheep and llama friendly – we agreed to adopt them.

Tomorrow we will meet them, face to muzzle, for the first time. We're taking the horse trailer and I can't imagine that it will come home empty.

I spend this afternoon shopping for donkey accessories at the local farm supply store. They really don't need much – brushes, lead ropes, hoof pick, selenium bock & a salt lick. Tomorrow morning,I'll rearrange the barn so the long ears can have the south end of the dairy barn. They'll share a fenceline with some sheep – who I am sure will be very interested in their new barn mates.

Will be sure to post pics and an update about the ride home – but just wanted to quickly share our exciting news.

Cupcake, Dulce, Prissy Miniature Donkeys. Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

Cupcake (left) is Dulce's (right) mother. I don't think Prissy is related but she is bonded to the others and they needed to be adopted as a trio.