Changing Pastures

Sheep changing pastures oct 2011

Sheep changing pastures 2. oct 2011

Sheep changing pasture 3. oct 2011

Sheep change pasture 4. oct 2011

Sheep change pasture 6

Sheep change pasture 7

Today's post is in celebration of the simple joy of moving sheep on a sunny afternoon. I can't remember the last time I rotated pastures with the sun shining. The only good thing about wet weather is the grass is still growing like mad. Fingers crossed for a solid week of dry so we can make hay. Check out the mid-afternoon long shadows, a true sign of the season.

In the meantime, sheepies love tall grass. Nom, nom nom . . . . .


Thanks to everyone for sharing my frustration over my Rhinebeck fiasco. More about that and about the wrap-up of our fall KAL, and about pupsters, and about Sheep Shares 2012 in another post.